Brandon Malone will chair the Working Group on Cybersecurity in International Arbitration established by ICCA, the New York City Bar Association, and the Institute for International Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR).

Asked about the launch of this Working Group, Project Chair Brandon Malone commented: “Cyber-attacks are a clear and growing danger to the integrity of our system in international arbitration. Poor cybersecurity can result in confidential information being obtained and used inappropriately, in denial of service attacks disrupting the process, in regulatory breaches, and in reputation damage to disputing parties, individual arbitrators, institutions, and to the system of arbitration itself.  Despite these risks, awareness of cybersecurity threats, and the practice of individual participants in the arbitration process varies widely.  There is a clear need for guidance to help those involved in arbitration to identify the risks, and take appropriate steps so as to maintain confidence in the system.  We have been working with the New York City Bar Association and CPR Institute for some time now, devising an outline plan to address these issues, and we look forward to launching draft guidance and protocols for consultation at ICCA 2018 in Sydney.”

Brandon will moderate the session on “Technology as Disruption” at the ICCA Congress in Sydney, which will be held 15-18 May.  The Congress website is here.